Erin's Umbrella Scholarship Fund

In memory of Erin Farragher, a beloved Buddy Cruiser who passed away in 2019. Erin’s mother, Maria Dellapina, and stepfather John Fisher have formed a scholarship fund to provide for families to experience their very first Buddy Cruise. Erin’s sweet, caring and infectious smile will be remembered by enabling a new family to experience the same joy that Erin had onboard a Buddy Cruise.

Each year this endowment will allow for a person with diagnosed Special Needs and a companion (total of 2 persons, more if possible) with an inside cabin for Buddy Cruise sailing on Royal Caribbean. This will include: Cabin fare only and the Buddy Cruise Conference fee. This does not include airfare, travel expenses, hotel, gratuities, alcohol, souvenirs, excursions or other optional expenses.

Join us in expanding the number of families that will be covered under Erin's umbrella.


Amish Dinner Fundraiser.






Tickets are $35.00 per person and can be purchased at