Frequently Asked Questions

Question Answer
What is BC? Buddy Cruise is a non profit serving individuals and families touched with special needs. In addition to events throughout the year... We host an annual conference on board a cruise ship. There are workshops, sessions and events for all ages and ability! It is more than just a conference...it is life changing.
Do I need a passport? Buddy Cruise highly suggests travelling with passport. However....for the most up to date requirements please visit the official government website.
Is there a conference fee? Yes. The conference fee is what helps us to produce an amazing conference! Each person will receive a custom ID badge that will give them access to all sessions, events, workshops, dances, dining, special rates, excursions, and more...all things Buddy! Each cabin will receive a Buddy Cruise conference bag filled with fun swag and conference materials.
What is the price of a cabin? The cost will depend on the type of cabin as well as the number of people in the cabin. There are discounts for the 3rd and 4th person in the same cabin. To find exact pricing on a cabin to meet your families needs call 877-239-2789.
Are there scholarships to attend? Currently Buddy Cruise does not offer scholarships. However, several Buddy Cruisers have found full or partial finding from agencies or support groups in their local communities.
How can I be a part of this spectacular event? Two simple steps (1) Call 877-239-2789 to reserve cabin (2) register your cabin at www.buddycruise.org.
How do I sign up for notifications about this year's sailing? Once you have booked and complete your online registration you will then start receiving important updates and info about our journey. Please mark buddy.cruise@gmail.com and joinus@buddycruise.org as "safe" senders.
Can I reserve through a travel agent or online? No...all reservations must be made by calling 877-BDY-CRUZ (877-239-2789) If you reserve elsewhere and do not appear on our manifest you cannot participate in the Buddy Cruise.
Can I pay in my local currency? All reservations must be paid in USD
Can I bring Granny? Of course...Granny would love Buddy! In fact...bring your whole family and all of your friends! Buddy Cruise is an educational enriching event for all.
What is included? With your cruise fare...your cabin, most meals, some beverages, most entertainment and transportation to beautiful exotic ports of call!
Whats not included? Some things not included are specialty restaurants, spa & salon services, excursions, medical services, internet, transfers, laundry, alcohol, soda, and casino.
When will I get my conference materials? We host a informal pre-night reception at a hotel local to the port. You will have the chance to meet your fellow Buddy Cruisers, check in, pick up your conference materials, and have a light snack. Special hotel rates will be offered for the pre night stay. If you will not be staying at the pre night hotel you can check in with us on board the ship prior to the opening session or at another designated time.
How much spending money will I need? That depends if you like to buy souvenirs, gamble in the casino or enjoy a cocktail by the pool. It is possible to cruise without spending alot of money. There are plenty of food options for breakfast, lunch and snacks that are included and we eat as a group in the main dining room nightly. Tea, water, lemonade, milk, some juices, coffee are all included. (If you must have your cappuccino or mocha frappe ...there are specialty coffees available for extra charge) The cruise line offers drink packages for soda, non alcoholic drinks and alcoholic beverages....many times these help to save some money.
Do you provide daycare? Buddy Cruise does not provide respite/daycare. Often we will have a session or workshop for self advocates only. The cruise line does have kids clubs that will provide accommodations for our special kids.
Special medical requests? If you have special needs - wheelchair, c-pap machine, interpreter etc...please let the cruise line know when you reserve as well as putting the information in the "special request" box when you register your cabin on our website.
What is the attire? Whatever you are comfortable wearing! There will be 1 or 2 formal dining nights which you can be as dressy as you like. We have seen anything from tuxedos and prom gowns to nice pants and collared shirt.
How can I get more information? For pricing and cabin information, please call 877-239-2789. For Buddy specific questions please email joinus@buddycruise.org.