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Family, Education and a Lifetime of Memories.

Buddy Cruise 2014 Announced



buddy cruise

Buddy Cruise "The Documentary"

crewBuddy Cruise 2012 set sail Oct 21 for a 7 night voyage to the Eastern Caribbean. We had the privilege of being accompanied by an amazing film crew. Lisa, Amy, Wes, Robyn and Anne were there to capture the magic of a Buddy Cruise, and in doing so we captured their hearts! We are all very excited to share with you the final product, a documentary, upon its completion. In the meantime, we will be posting sneak peeks as they become available here as well as our YouTube channel. Stay tuned….
Join us for our annual conference!!! Its going to be amazing!!!
October 13-18 2014

First Buddy Walk at Sea!

Become a Buddy Cruise for Life!
2013 Buddy Walk® at Sea was sponsored by:
Advanced Clinical Research
James FX Fahy
Buddy Cruise provides educational opportunities and resources for families, while promoting awareness, acceptance, and inclusion for individuals with Down syndrome and other developmenta disabilities through unique venues.

Join us for our unique annual conference at sea! The programs we offer are not only beneficial for families touched by Down syndrome but other special needs as well. A Buddy Cruise not only gives you the
opportunity to gain information through educational workshops & events, but you will network with other families from across the globe that are in similar situations and form lasting bonds. Families who have a hard time finding a scenario to meet all family members’ needs are accommodated with a variety of activities for all ages and abilities.
Connecting with families who know first-hand the joys and challenges of raising a child with special needs. Assisting families less fortunate, through the Buddy Gives back Ambassador program. Become part of the Buddy Cruise Family and create bonds that will last a lifetime. Annual conference, experts in the special needs community, events and activities for all ages and abilities, parent to parent, social media, community outreach & spreading awareness through unique venues and partnerships. Whether it’s your experience on a Buddy Cruise, or interacting with us in some other way, you will find that you will be creating memories that last a lifetime. Memories not only for your family but for those whose lives you touch.

Buddy Cruise Converence on the ocean for families with special needs

The Soul Know No Bounds
Show that your soul has no bounds. Purchase the official Driven Soul Knows No bounds T-shirt.
Exceptional Person Recogition
Buddy Cruise is proud to honor a person in the special needs community that has made a difference for individuals of all abilities.
To read more about the current Exceptional Person click on the name below.
Creative Arts and Abilities
Buddy Videos

Buddy Cruise has produced short uplifting films about our mission. Please take a moment watch the video and let us know what you think.