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Family, Education and a Lifetime of Memories.

Buddy Ambassadors Give Back

While in Nassau, Buddy Cruise 2010 visited with families from the Bahamas Down syndrome Association. We gathered at the Down Syndrome Center of the Bahamas for a day filled with educational sessions and fellowship. We were all extremely touched by the Bahamian families and their hospitality.

After the memorable fun filled day, Buddy Cruise Ambassador Alan Otto suggested that we somehow find a way to give back to the families in Nassau. Alan coordinated a drive for the center reaching out to all the guests onboard Buddy Cruise 2010. Holly Caulfield and Melanie Raim were very excited to get involved. Holly shopped and collected donations from companies and many of the guests onboard Buddy Cruise 2010. Melanie personally delivered the items to Cheryl Newell, the Bahamas center director.

We would like to thank each person who was able to give back to those who share our common bond, but live in a country where resources are hard to attain. With your generosity Melanie was able to present the center with art supplies, DS advocacy/awareness t-shirts, selection of sign language posters, learning materials, flashcards, reference books about DS, Books for teaching reading and math, Language Development books, Sign language materials, story DVD’s, as well as monetary donations.

We would also like to thank the following for their donations to the Bahamas Center: