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Family, Education and a Lifetime of Memories.

Buddy's Exceptional Person Recognition

Creative Arts and Abilities

Chris Burke
Formed in 2004, Creative Arts and Abilities features the talents of Chris Burke, the actor with Down Syndrome who starred as ”Corky” on the ABC-TV hit series “Life Goes On” with award winning singer songwriters Joe and John DeMasi.

Creative Arts and Abilities produce programs that promote inclusion, tolerance and ability awareness for people with disabilities. Among the projects produced by Creative Arts and Abilities are “Yes I Can” a wonderfully inspiring music video for schools, organizations and YouTube, “Everyone Can Be A…Singer With The Band” an interactive musical presentation, and “Forever Friends” an inclusive DVD series/TV show for kids ages 3-7. The goal of all of our programs is to educate about the potential, abilities and accomplishments of people with disabilities.

Visit the following link to learn more and to purchase your Creative Arts and Abilities DVD’s and merchandise! (DVD now complete with Teachers guide!)
Creating Arts and Abilities Programs

The trio has just finished filming a new show for Television and DVD. Find out all the latest tour dates and DVD release dates at Creative Arts And Abilities